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What is "Fearless Birthing"?

It is a program of self-discovery. It is nothing short of a map to the place where mother's intuition awaits. It is a way to access the 'instruction manual' that does come with each child!

Most of the decisions women make today regarding the childbearing year are fear-based. Women are perpetually afraid from the moment they find out they are pregnant. They are afraid something is wrong with their baby. They are afraid they won't be able to handle birth. They are afraid they won't be able to breastfeed. They are afraid that every decision they make will somehow be wrong.

Who could blame mothers for feeling this way? They hear horror stories continually from day one!

What if the problems so many women face today are not inherent in the childbearing year? What if they are created? What if what you "know" about birth just isn't so? What if by making evidence-based decisions you could get predictable results?

There are women doing just that! There are women giving birth joyously, even painlessly, without drugs. There are women who breastfeed their babies with ease. There are women who have exactly the experience of motherhood they set out to have.


By using critical-thinking skills and life coaching techniques that are helping people reach their goals in other areas of life, from career to spiritual fulfillment.

Fearless Birthing(TM) deals with the concerns of the childbearing year before they become "issues". Beginning (preferably) in the first trimester, but as late as the second, parents explore the decisions that will face them before they are time sensitive. This allows parents to truly consider their options before committing to a course of action they may regret later, which is essential for real informed consent.

See a sample client intake form here.

Replacing fear with facts means parents can leave guilt behind, and enjoy the journey of parenthood.


Kim Wildner 2003

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